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Ploughing My Furrow

My family treated me to having my life’s experiences put into story format.  By immense good fortune, Josephine Galvin became my author. I can’t praise Josephine enough. I found her extremely easy to talk to, a great listener and conscientious.

Above all, Josephine delivered my story as if I written it myself. I couldn’t ask for more.

Chris Dykins

The Infallible Fortune Teller

In 2021, I was looking for an experienced ghost writer and editor to ghost write the voice of my late Iranian wife for the draft manuscript of our 70,000 word romantic memoir. My wife was a very complex character and given the significant differences in culture between east and west, this task presented as a particularly challenging one.

I was very fortunate to find Josephine who rose to the challenge with unstinting and unbridled enthusiasm. She quite literally waxed lyrical about the manuscript describing it as one of the most fascinating she had ever worked on, and this very enthusiasm carried her forward resulting in a highly polished memoir of which both of us could feel justifiably proud.

However, my enduring recollection of Josephine, aside from being a mistress of her craft, will always be that she is such a delightful person to work with. I can thoroughly recommend her without any reservations.

John Goodall

August 2022

Writing by the Water
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